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Shenzhen taipu new technology development co., LTD.
Focus on fixed and mobile solutions for medical devices
Over the years, we have always adhered to high reliability, high quality, meticulous testing and global professional technical support, and formulated various product standards in the field of fixed and mobile medical equipment
Shenzhen taipu new technology development co., LTD. Is a professional organization specialized in providing fixed and mobile medical equipment solutions, providing product research and development design, production and processing to sales and after-sales maintenance services.
The company pays attention to the design concept of products, and has an excellent professional design team to provide personalized solutions for different products. We believe that the details determine the quality, every part has been carefully designed, every component has been rigorously tested to ensure the absolute safety of medical equipment in the use process.
We mainly provide stents, strollers and other products for monitoring devices, ecg machines, portable ultrasound machines, anesthesia machines, hospital rounds, hospital information system engineering related equipment, etc., which can meet the requirements of various special specifications.